Current Projects

MOPROPS distributed Heifer International goats

Currently MOPROPS has partnered with HEIFER INTERNATIONAL to distribute goats to the neediest families around Port Salut.  Currently 20 families have benefited from this program – each received 3 healthy goats.  MOPROPS provides follow up to these families, providing care to sick animals, and facilitating goat breeding for the continued distribution of goats. Currently MOPROPS is collecting goats from each family to redistribute to additional families in the area.


local varieties of maize

MOPROPS also worked with Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to distribute haricot bean and maize seeds to farmers in the Port Salut area.  In 2011 MOPROPS distributed 500kgs of improved haricot seeds and 300kgs of improved maize seed.  More than 35 local farmer organizations benefited from the distribution of improved seeds.  MOPROPS continues this work into 2012 and beyond.


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