Past Projects

2002-2004: Provided school support for 50 children in downtown Port-Salut who would not otherwise been able to afford school. This support was the payment of school fees. The funds came from contributions from members of MOPROPS

2004-2006: Founding of the Community School Etzer Vilaire housing first to fourth grades. Since 2006 the school has been forced to close its doors, due to lack of funding.

2002-2005: Supervised Social young people by putting in places of recreation such football

Yellow Yam Planting Project in Four Sections of Port Salut

2008-2009: Development and implementation of the Support of yellow yam planting in four (4) rural sections with funding received from the European Union through the PRIMA (Integrated Building Program in Rural Affairs) for period of one year with a budget of HTG 4, 495,766.00. The project came to an end May 29, 2009.



MOPROPS Provides School Support to Port Salut Youth with USAID Funds

2009-2010: Support to School Youth in difficult circumstances funded by USAID with a budget of HTG 769,350.00 for a period of one year. It supported 50 youth, 20 girls and 30 boys.




Carpentry training for Youth of Port Salut

2010-2011: Training for 30 youth (13 girls and 17 boys) in technical construction (masonry and carpentry).


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